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Panties for 16-inch Fashion Dolls

These are instructions on how to embroider and assemble panties for Tonner 16-inch fashion dolls.
You will need 40-weight polyester embroidery threads, water soluble mesh stabilizer and elastic of different colors.

Panties for 16-inch Fashion Dolls image 1

Step One: Hoop 1-2 layers of water-soluble mesh. Using the same embroidery polyester thread in the needle and the bobbin, embroider the file.

Step Two: Cut away the excess stabilizer and rinse the remainder in lukewarm water. Leave in a bowl of lukewarm water for 2-3 hours to dissolve the stabilizer completely. Spread on a towel and air dry. Press with steam if necessary.

Step Three: Fold the panties in half, make the sides meet end to end, and zig-zag (or hand-stitch) the sides.

Step Four: Put the panties on a doll and lightly stretch a piece of elastic around the hips at the panties' upper edge. Cut the piece out.
Slightly stretching the elastic, zig-zag it to the upper edge of the panties.

Panties for 16-inch Fashion Dolls image 2

Step Five: Sew together the ends of elastic and put the panties on the doll.

Panties for 16-inch Fashion Dolls image 3

We prefer to use 40-weight embroidery polyester both in the needle and bobbin. The panties come out silky and light.
However, we also tried other combinations and they also work well, though producing a heavier, denser product. You can try the using 30-weight rayon in the needle and regular bobbin thread; 50-weight cotton in the needle and regular bobbin thread; or 40-weight rayon in the needle and cotton bobbin thread.

Panties for 16-inch Fashion Dolls image 4

Happy embroidering!

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