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Embroidery Contest 2006

Entry # 42

Embroidery Contest 2006 image 1

This participant sent in pictures of a purse she made for her girlfriend who has 2 dogs. The participant says that the dogs "look almost exactly like the 2 dogs embroidered." Here is the description of the project: "It's an old pair of jeans. I cut the legs
off, sewed the bottom across and made the strap out of the excess material.
Cut strap material to length making it 3 times as thick as I wanted. I then
folded it over and tucked the ends in 1/2 inch sewing close to the end.
Then put the straps inside sewing them sturdily to each side on the
wasteband of the jeans. The dogs I embroidered on excess material (the
other leg of the jeans). I folded over the jeans making it double
thickness, using the fold as the top, and then sewed them over the existing
pockets on the pants leaving the top open so she could still use the pockets
of the jeans. The last thing I did was to line the purse. The top inside
is held together with a strip of Velcro."

The designs used are Australian Shepard Dog and Jack Russell Terrier. They were embroidered with a Janome 300e machine.

Embroidery Contest 2006 image 2

Embroidery Contest 2006 image 3

Embroidery Contest 2006 image 4
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