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Redwork Fruit Set

Redwork Fruit Set
Machine Embroidery Set of 9 Designs

Size: 89mm x 87mm (3.56" x 3.48")
Stitches: 4397
Colors: 1

Size: 97mm x 97mm (3.88" x 3.88")
Stitches: 9389
Colors: 1

Size: 90mm x 96mm (3.6" x 3.84")
Stitches: 6093
Colors: 1

Size: 87mm x 92mm (3.48" x 3.68")
Stitches: 4746
Colors: 1

Size: 91mm x 91mm (3.64" x 3.64")
Stitches: 4907
Colors: 1

Size: 83mm x 90mm (3.32" x 3.6")
Stitches: 4207
Colors: 1

Size: 78mm x 94mm (3.12" x 3.76")
Stitches: 7797
Colors: 1

Size: 95mm x 97mm (3.8" x 3.88")
Stitches: 7299
Colors: 1

Size: 90mm x 98mm (3.6" x 3.92")
Stitches: 11761
Colors: 1

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Redwork Fruits collection. It uses the Redwork technique. The designs will fit the Small hoop (4" x 4").

SKU#: 14771
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Embroidery Projects & Ideas

These are stitch-outs of some of the designs.

Even the simplest tablecloth will appear more elegant and out-of-the-ordinary with a little embroidery.

This photo was sent in by Roswitha Gerhart from Munich, Germany. To read more about the project go to the customer's page.

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