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Veronica's Veil

Veronica's Veil

Machine Embroidery Set of 5 Designs in Photo Stitch Technique

This design consists of 5 parts. The parts have to be embroidered separately on organza with water soluble stabilizer and sewn or glued together.

Size: 95mm x 135mm (3.8" x 5.4")
Stitches: 29046
Colors: 9

Size: 97mm x 136mm (3.88" x 5.44")
Stitches: 30598
Colors: 9

Size: 100mm x 124mm (4" x 4.96")
Stitches: 30786
Colors: 10

Size: 101mm x 122mm (4.04" x 4.88")
Stitches: 33279
Colors: 10

Size: 129mm x 146mm (5.16" x 5.84")
Stitches: 52795
Colors: 8

Finished size 160mm x 206mm (6.3" x 8.1").
Read instructions below.

This machine embroidery design is part of our Religious collection. It uses the Photo Stitch technique. It will fit the Large hoop (5" x 7").

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Step One: Hoop a layer of organza and 2 layers of wash-away (Vilene) stabilizer. Embroider the 4 parts that make up the fabric of the veil. Cut away the excess organza and stabilizer. Rinse the stabilizer in warm water. Place the parts on an even surface and leave to air-dry.

Step Two: Press with steam and zig-zag the parts of the veil together, using transparent thread.

Step Three: Embroider the face of Christ on a layer of Organza and 2 layers of wash-away stabilizer. Cut away the excess organza and stablizer, rinse in warm water and let the embroidery air-dry on an even surface. After it dries, press with steam.

Step Four: Take a piece of iron-on cut-away stabilizer large enough to accommodate your project. Place the embroidery of the face in the middle and place the embroidery of the veil around the face. Press to glue the embroidery to the stabilizer.

Step Five: Zigzag the face to the rest of the veil with the tranparent thread.
Cut away the excess stabilizer.

Attach a cord. The project is ready!

This photo was sent in by Sanda Nestorescu from Bucharest, Romania as her Best Project Contest 2008 entry. To read more about the project go to the customer's page.

This photo was sent in by Rina Stols from Pretoria, South Africa as her Best Project Contest 2011 entry. To read more about the project go to the customer's page.

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