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Cross Set

Cross Set
Set of 6 Machine Embroidery Designs

This set contains designs for a variety of hoop sizes. Some of the designs in the set might be too large for your machine. Please read all the information carefully:

Size: 31mm x 31mm (1.24" x 1.24")
Stitches: 1295
Colors: 2

Size: 63mm x 63mm (2.52" x 2.52")
Stitches: 3321
Colors: 2

Size: 83mm x 83mm (3.32" x 3.32")
Stitches: 5773
Colors: 2

Size: 105mm x 105mm (4.2" x 4.2")
Stitches: 7970
Colors: 2

Size: 182mm x 182mm (7.28" x 7.28")
Stitches: 24529
Colors: 2

Size: 185mm x 185mm (7.4" x 7.4")
Stitches: 25919
Colors: 2

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Easter and Religious collections. It uses the Satin Stitch technique. The designs is available for the Commercial hoop (8" x 12"), Large hoop (5" x 7") and Small hoop (4" x 4").

SKU#: 16608
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Technique:Satin Stitch
Hoop Size:Commercial
Price:$15 to $20
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