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Holly Berry Set

Available in 3 sizes: for large 130 x 180 mm (5" x 7"), mega and commercial hoops.

Large Hoop:

Size: 129mm x 136mm (5.16" x 5.44")
Stitches: 32785
Colors: 9

Size: 111mm x 179mm (4.44" x 7.16")
Stitches: 43930
Colors: 12

Size: 108mm x 179mm (4.32" x 7.16")
Stitches: 34741
Colors: 10

Mega Hoop in HUS and VP3:

Size: 149mm x 157mm (5.96" x 6.28")
Stitches: 41131
Colors: 9

Size: 149mm x 241mm (5.96" x 9.64")
Stitches: 59709
Colors: 12

Size: 149mm x 248mm (5.96" x 9.92")
Stitches: 47570
Colors: 10

Mega Hoop in DST, PES and EXP:

Size: 159mm x 168mm (6.36" x 6.72")
Stitches: 42237
Colors: 9

Size: 159mm x 257mm (6.36" x 10.28")
Stitches: 61348
Colors: 12

Size: 156mm x 259mm (6.24" x 10.36")
Stitches: 48461
Colors: 10

Designs for mega hoop are not available in ART, JEF, JEF+ and XXX formats!

Commercial Hoop:

Size: 181mm x 190mm (7.24" x 7.6")
Stitches: 52692
Colors: 9

Size: 170mm x 273mm (6.8" x 10.92")
Stitches: 73383
Colors: 12

Size: 169mm x 280mm (6.76" x 11.2")
Stitches: 58718
Colors: 10

Designs for commercial hoop are available only in PES, EXP, DST and VP3 formats!

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Christmas collection. It uses the Photo Stitch technique. The designs is available for the Commercial hoop (8" x 12"), Large hoop (5" x 7") and Mega hoop (6" x 10").

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Embroidery Projects & Ideas

We used the designs for large (5 x 7) hoop to make these greeting cards. We embroidered the designs on a layer of organza with 2 layers of water-soluble mesh. Cut away the excess organza and glued the designs over the card stock embellished with a gold ribbons.

For this garland we used the designs for mega (6 x 10) and commercial hoops. We embroidered the designs on water-soluble mesh with a layer of organza, cut away the excess organza, rinsed the mesh, let the stitch-outs air-dry and connected them into a garland.

This photo was sent in by Lis Steen from Limingen, Norway as her Best Project Contest 2008 entry. To read more about the project go to the customer's page.

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Technique:Photo Stitch
Hoop Size:Commercial
Price:$15 to $20
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