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Step-by-Step Guide to Embroidering a Cover for a Stamp Album

Album or Book Cover image 1
Step One: Tip for those who don't have the exact colors and need to select something suitable from what they have at hand: increase the size of the color chart multifold and print it out. This makes it a lot easier to pick the needed colors. You can use threads produced by different companies, as long as they are of the same thickness.
Album or Book Cover image 2
Step Two: After embroidering each color, remove jump stitches.
Album or Book Cover image 3
Step Three: The embroidery is finished.
Album or Book Cover image 4
Step Four: Here's the stamp album that we want to decorate.
Album or Book Cover image 5
Step Five: Remove the embroidery from its hoop and gently iron it.
Album or Book Cover image 6
Step Six: Mark a rectangle around the embroidery, corresponding to the size of the album. Fold back the margins that are left around the marking and iron the embroidery again.
Album or Book Cover image 7
Step Seven: We leave a border of around 1 1/2" - 2" (4-5 cm) and mark it down again, as shown on the picture.
Album or Book Cover image 8
Step Eight: Cut along the marking from the previous step.
Album or Book Cover image 9
Step Nine: Brush the flap that's going to lie along the album's spine with glue and fold it back.
Album or Book Cover image 10
Step Ten: Brush both the cover of the album and back-side of the embroidery with glue and place them carefully together.
Album or Book Cover image 11
Step Eleven: Open the album and glue down the flaps created in Step Eight.
Album or Book Cover image 12
Steps Twelve and Thirteen: Use white adhesive tape to cover the fabric.

Album or Book Cover image 13
Album or Book Cover image 14
Step Fourteen: Finished! You can follow the same steps to create a cover for a photo album, a diary, or a book.
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