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Christmas ABC Wall Hanging

For this Christmas wall hanging we used Christmas Alphabet design, a piece of fabric for the embroidery, measuring about 15" x 32", a piece of felt for backing of the same size, a bi-color bias strip of about 80", and a 3/8"-thick wooden rod about 14"-15" long.

Christmas ABC Wall Hanging image 1

Step One: Mark a rectangle of 13" x 30" on the fabric for the embroidery. Make a layout of the ABC designs: there are 4 letters in the first 3 rows (A, B, C, D; E, F, G, H and I, J, K, L), the forth row has three letters (M, N, O), the fifth has 4 letters (P, Q, R, S), the sixth row has 3 (T, U, V), the seventh 2 (W, X) and the last row has 3 (Y, &, Z). You can customize this however you want. Stitch out the letter designs.

Step Two: Under the last row of your letters stitch out the corner design. You can download it here.

Christmas ABC Wall Hanging image 2


The color order is:
1. Green;
2. Red;
3. Golden Yellow.

Step Three: Press the fabric with the embroidery. Put a piece of felt on an even surface and cover it with your embroidery. Pin both layers together and cut out a rectangle (13" x 30") by the marks. Mark out an angle for the ending in the lower part of the rectangle and cut it out. Hand-baste the hanging along all edges.

Christmas ABC Wall Hanging image 3

Step Four: Prepare a two-colored bias strip. You will need about 80". Use it to finish the raw edges.

Christmas ABC Wall Hanging image 4

Step Five: Finish the upper edge of the hanging with machine zigzag. At the top, fold 1" back and slip-stitch to make a "sleeve".

Christmas ABC Wall Hanging image 5

Step Six: Insert a rod into the sleeve. Tie a cord to its ends, or decorate it with ribbons. The hanging is ready!

Christmas ABC Wall Hanging image 6

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