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Christmas Napkin-Rings

By popular request, we have created a tutorial about how to turn our Christmas Napkin Ring designs into actual napking rings.
Hoop a piece of non-unravelling fabric without stabilizer and stitch out the designs. The color of the fabric and the color of the thread is your choice. The only recommendation we can make is that it should match the color of your napkins.
After you have finished the design, iron it and cut out pieces of fabric between the embroidered areas. Use very sharp, pointed scissors, which will make the process easier.
Prepare a matching silk ribbon, approximately 4" long, and insert it into the hoops.
Fold the ring around your napkin and tie the ends of the ribbon.

We used the white ring and the white ribbon with the red napkin.
The golden ring was used to tie the naturally colored napkin.
The other type of ring we offer is one decorated with flowers. We used traditional Christmas colors - red and green. The lower ring is already "pre-assembled"; in the upper ring, the flowers were embroidered separately and stitched on.
There are two types of flowers - ten-petal and five-petal.

The ten-petal type can be stitched out on fabric or water-soluble stabilizer. Read more about this technique.

The five-petal flowers should be embroidered on non-unravelling fabric, in the same way as the napkin ring.

In this case, we went for the latter type of flower and sewed two of them onto one napkin ring.

We used the same fabric for both the ring and the flowers, but you can use contrast to good effect here. Make the flowers overlap slightly for a 3D look.

Thread a ribbon through the hoops on the ends of the ring and fold it around the napkin, tying the loose ends of the ribbon together.
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