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Fleece Flower Throw

This fleece flower throw features 12 flower designs from our State Flower Collection. The designs are embroidered without the frame and their state name.

Fleece Flower Throw image 1

You will need about 2 yards (ours was 80") of fleece of solid light color (cream, beige, oats, etc.), 2 packs of satin blanket binding, cotton fabric for lining and narrow satin ribbon. The binding and the ribbon should be of the same or matching colors.

Step One: Decide which designs you want to use on your throw. If your fleece is cream, you might like to choose yellow-colored flowers; or choose all wild, or all garden flowers. We have a large selection in our catalog and the choice is all yours.
We chose the following white and pink flowers:
1. Magnolia (Mississippi)
2. Rhododendron (West Virginia)
3. Magnolia (Louisiana)
4. Apple Blossom (Arkansas)
5. Wild Prairie Rose (North Dakota)
6. American Dogwood (Virginia)
7. Orange Blossom (Florida)
8. American Dogwood (North Carolina)
9. Hawthorn (Missouri)
10. Syringa (Idaho)
11. Apple Blossom (Michigan)
12. Cherokee Rose (Georgia)

Step Two: Place fleece on a large even surface (table or floor). Using your embroidery software, print out templates of the designs on paper. Cut them out and arrange them on the throw to see where you'd like them. Mark the spots for the embroidery on the throw. Use removable fabric markers only! Also mark the points where you are going to attach ribbons for binding. In the diagram below, the flowers are marked with circles and the points for the ribbons are marked with Xs.

Fleece Flower Throw image 2

Step Three: Hoop the fabric with light-weight iron-on cut-away stabilizer. Embroider all the designs one by one. When hooping, make sure that the spots that you marked for the designs are located in the center of the hoop (use a grid if needed).

Fleece Flower Throw image 3

Magnolia (Mississippi)

Fleece Flower Throw image 4

Rhododendron (West Virginia)

Fleece Flower Throw image 5

Magnolia (Louisiana)

Fleece Flower Throw image 6

Apple Blossom (Arkansas)

Fleece Flower Throw image 7

Wild Prairie Rose (North Dakota)

Fleece Flower Throw image 8

American Dogwood (Virginia)

Fleece Flower Throw image 9

Orange Blossom (Florida)

Fleece Flower Throw image 10

American Dogwood (North Carolina)

Fleece Flower Throw image 11

Hawthorn (Missouri)

Fleece Flower Throw image 12

Syringa (Idaho)

Fleece Flower Throw image 13

Apple Blossom (Michigan)

Fleece Flower Throw image 14

Cherokee Rose (Georgia)

Step Four: After the embroidery is finished, cut away the excess stabilizer.

Step Five: Place the lining on an even surface (table or floor) and cover with the embroidered part. Align all edges. Pin or baste both layers along the edges and across the throw.

Step Six: Thread the darning needle with a thin satin ribbon about 12" long. Do not knot the end. Push the needle through all the way to come out on the other of the throw in the marked point. Push the needle back through approximately 1/8" away from where the needle came out.
Pull both ends of the ribbon and tie a knot and a bow. Repeat for the other points.

Fleece Flower Throw image 15

Step Seven: Finish the edges with the satin blanket binding.

The fleece flower throw is ready. Enjoy!

Fleece Flower Throw image 16

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