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Masquerade Masks

Winter is traditionally a season of all kinds of fancy balls and parites. If you, or your children are planning to visit any, and have not decided what to wear, this page might help you.

You do not need to have a special dress for the occasion, a very simple one will do, if you have a beautiful mask. If you have a costume or dress already you should choose the colors for your mask to match your dress. We offer three styles of masks: the Princess Mask, the Fantasy Mask and the Butterfly Mask. But the possibilities are limitless. The same design embroidered in a different color looks absolutely different !

Masquerade Masks image 1

So let's make ourselves a mask!

Step One: Choose any design. Hoop a piece of organza or cut-away stabilizer with iron-on tear-away stabilizer and fulfill the embroidery. If you use metallic threads, do not forget to use special needles!

Masquerade Masks image 2

Step Two: Trim all the jump stitches.

Masquerade Masks image 3

Step Three: Tear away the excess tear-away stabilizer...

Masquerade Masks image 4

...and cut away the excess cut-away stabilizer.

Masquerade Masks image 5

Step Four: Insert elastic thread into the two embroidered round eyelets. You can either first punch a hole, or simply thread the cord through a needle and pass that through the eyelet. You can decorate a ready mask with beads, or cover it with a thin layer of glitter-paint.

Masquerade Masks image 6

Step Five: Your mask is ready! Read on for some more examples.

Masquerade Masks image 7

On the photos below you can see how differently the same design looks in different colors.

This the same mask as above but with yellow instead of the dark peach.

Masquerade Masks image 8

Yet another version. This elegant black mask was embroidered on black velvet. Only the outline of the design is embroidered with gold metallic thread; the remaining surface of the mask is fabric.

Masquerade Masks image 9

Here are photos of other designs. Do not limit yourself to the offered colors, choose the colors you like best!

Masquerade Masks image 10

Masquerade Masks image 11

I'll take mom to the fancy ball in my kindergarten!

Masquerade Masks image 12

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