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State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada

Using our State Flower designs, we prepared a series of mini quilts. We hope that you will like them, and send us your own mini-quilts.

Our first mini quilt is devoted to Nevada. We used the design of the Sagebrush, Nevada's State Flower and one of the designs from the Wild West Set. The finished size of this mini quilt is about 19" x 22".

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 1

For this mini quilt we used fat quarters of four different patterned cotton fabrics:
1. sand-colored and sand-textured fabric,
2. fabric featuring withered sagebrush,
3. gray-green fabric with a dry-grass pattern,
4. fabric featuring cowboys and cattle.
Of course, the choice of fabric is up to you.

You will also need one pack of matching quilter's binding (we used brown), fusible batting measuring 21" x 24", a piece of cotton fabric measuring 21" x 24" for backing, a rod (we used a branch) and a cord.

Step One: Cutting out. All measurements do not include seam allowance. Please do not forget to add around 1/2" seam allowance on every side.
Out of the first fabric, cut a rectangle measuring 7" x 9"
Out of the second fabric cut out three strips measuring 2" x 9" ; 9" x 2" and 5" x 17"
Out of third fabric cut out 2 strips measuring 5" x 6" and 19" x 5"
Out of the fourth fabric we cut out an L-shape to preserve the picture drawn on the fabric. You can see its dimensions on the picture. Alternately, you can cut out two strips measuring 5" x 11" and 9" x 6".

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 2

Step Two: Assemble all the pieces according to diagram. Do not forget to press the seams flat after each step.

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 3

Step A

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 4

Step B

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 5

Step C: Stitch the L-shaped piece to the 5" x 6" piece.

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 6

Step D

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 7

Step E

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 8

Step F: the assembly is finished.

Step Three: When you finish the top, cut out a piece of fusible batting, measuring approximately 21" x 24".
Place the batting on the ironing board, cover it with the quilt top and press. The iron should not be very hot, because if it is, you might end up gluing the batting to the ironing board. To prevent this, you can cover the board with non-stitck paper.

Step Four: Now decide where you'd like to have the embroidery. Hoop the top with batting -- you do not need additional stabilizer. Embroider the designs. When you embroider the sagebrush, skip the first two colors - it's the frame, and the last color - it's the name of the state.

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 9

Step Five: Cut out the backing, measuring 21" x 24". Place the quilt on the ironing board face down, cover with the backing and press. The fusible batting will adhere to the backing.

Step Six: Using a matching thread quilt the central (sandy) part, making wavy line imitating sand dunes. The rest of the work can be quilted along the seams.

Step Seven: Place your mini quilt on an even surface (table) and even up all the edges. Finish the edges with the quilt binding tape.

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 10

Step Eight: Out of the remainder of the quilt binding tape cut five pieces 4" long. Fold them to make loops and attach them to the upper edge of the mini quilt. Insert the rod and tie a cord to the ends. You can also decorate the "empty" left lower conner with a 3D element - we used a simple metallic cross on a leather cord.

Coming next:

Yucca: New Mexico

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 11

Forget-Me-Not: Alaska

State Flower Mini Quilts: Nevada image 12

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