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FSL Stylish Accessories

Vintage Belt Set

These are the instructions on how to use the Vintage FSL Belt Set.

Vintage Belt Set image 1

The designs from our Vintage FSL Belt Set are embroidered as regular FSL. You can read about this in our General Guidelines.

To embroider this set we used 40-weight polyester embroidery threads; you can also use cotton embroidery threads. If you use cotton embroidery threads, we recommend to clean the machine after embroidering every part, because cotton threads, even ones specially made for embroidery machines, leave a lot of lint. Rayon embroidery threads are not strong enough for this project.

Some points to remember from the General Guidelines:
Use Vilene water soluble stabilizer;
Use the same thread for the upper and bobbin to get two-sided embroidery.
DO NOT embroider several designs in one hoop.

To make the belt, you will need thread, water-soluble Vilene stabilizer and a buckle about 1.75" wide.

Step One: Embroider part #1 once, part #2 once, and part #3 as many times as needed. Each part #3 is about 2" inches long when folded, so for a belt measuring 30", you will need 15-17 such parts.

Use 2 layers of water-soluble Vilene stabilizer. Rinse the stabilizer and leave to air dry. Before assembling, press with steam.

Vintage Belt Set image 2


Start assembling with part #1. Insert the free flaps of one of the parts #3 into the slots of part #1. Fold part #3 in half. Insert the flaps of the second part #3 into the slots of the previous part #3, and fold. Repeat with all the remaining parts #3 until you get the length you need.

When you're satisfied with the length of the belt, insert the flaps of part #2 into the slots of the last part in the belt. Take the buckle, inserting the pin of the buckle into the small hole. Fold the flaps over the center of the buckle. Hand-stitch the flaps to secure them. The belt is ready!

The belt can also be used a "gold" necklace for a medieval outfit, for Halloween or a costume party.

Vintage Belt Set image 3

We hope that you liked our set and the possibilities that it offers. Enjoy!

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