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Bead Necklaces

Bead necklaces can be very beautiful, both as stand-alone projects or as an embellishment, but weaving with wire and seed beads is very intricate, difficult and demands patience and skills.

Our machine embroidered templates, Set of Bead Necklaces, make the work much easier!

You will get 2 embroidery files for a looped and a rounded necklaces.

For the project you will need

  • polyester organza,
  • cotton or polyester embroidery threads,
  • seed beads of any color,
  • necklace clasps.
Use a size 12/80 embroidery needle.

Both files are embroidered in the same way.

Wrap the long sides of the hoop with strips of muslin. This will help to grip the fabric firmly. Hoop 2 layers of polyester organza. Embroider one of the files. Choose thread to match the color of the beads.

After the embroidery is finished, do not open the hoop! Start hand-stitch seed beads along and over the embroidered net. Use thread of the same color with which you made the embroidery.

After the beading is finished, take the work from the hoop and carefully cut it out leaving 1/2" seam allowance. Then fold the seam allowance back and sew the edges to the back of the necklace.

You can also cut the necklace out close to the stitches. In this case, to make the edges neat, you can melt them with soldering iron.

Attach a necklace clasp and the necklace is ready!

This looped necklace can be used as a yoke for a fashionable dress. It's very easy to do so because the necklace has a fabric base.

The second, rounded, necklace is done in the same way.

Embroider the file and start attaching beads while the work is still in the frame. We used seed beads of 5 different hues.

We placed the lighter beads closer to the inner edge.

And the darker beads closer to the outer edge.

After you finished beading, cut out the working piece, leaving about 1/2" seam allowance. Fold it back and sew to the back of the work.

Attach a necklace clasp. For this necklace, you'll need a clasp with a wide end.

Here are some more close-ups:


Happy Stitching!

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