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Christmas Bell Towel Topper / Hanger
Towels with embroidered toppers can make a beautiful gift, or add a charming holiday touch to your kitchen or bathroom. Best of all, this project can be completed in under an hour. This project uses the design Christmas Bell with Holly.
You will need:
  • white, or light cream, polyester craft felt,
  • polyester stuffing,
  • Velcro tape,
  • a piece of trim, ribbon or tape for a loop,
  • 2 strips of cotton fabric 2" wide and about 6"-8" long.
For embroidery we used polyester embroidery threads and cut-away stabilizer.
Step One: Hoop white or light cream polyester felt with a layer of cut-away stablizer. Embroider the design.
Step Two: Take the embroidery out of the hoop. With a thin graphic pencil, or disappering fabric marker, draw an outline about 3/4" from the edge of embroidery. Leave 2"-3" under the bottom edge of the embroidery.
Step Three: Cut away the excess fabric along the marked lines. Place the embroidered part, face down, onto another piece of felt and use it as a template to cut out an identically shaped piece. This will be the backing of the project. We made it out of white felt as well, but you can use any color.
Pin both halves together.
Step Four: Cut a 12" long piece of trim or ribbon. Fold it in half to make a loop. Place this loop over the embroidery, loop down, unfinished ends up. Cover with the unembroidered half. Pin both halves together.
Step Five: Machine stitch along the edges with seam allowance 1/4". Leave the bottom side unstitched.
Step Six: Turn the piece right side out. Insert stuffing through the opening.
Step Seven: Topstitch 1/4" from the embroidery to close the opening.
Step Eight: Finish the raw edges of the fabric strips. Topstitch them to the piece slightly below the edge of the embroidery.
Step Nine: Cut a piece of Velcro tape slightly smaller than the length of the lower line of the topper. Open the tape and stitch one half to the back panel of the topper. Stitch along the lower edge about 1/4" from it.
Step Ten: Make pleats on the towel and pin them. The pleated edge of the towel should be as long as the second piece of Velcro.
Topstitch the Velcro tape to the pleated edge of the towel.
Step Eleven: Stick the towel to the topper using the Velcro.
The project is ready. Enjoy!
Happy Stitching!
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