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Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa

These are instructions on how to embroider the Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa. The design is available in 2 sizes - for mega (6" x 10") and commercial (over 10") hoops.

Please note that the design for mega hoops has 20 colors and does not have the embroidered frame around the Virgin.

The design for commercial hoops has 21 colors. The last color is for the frame around the Virgin.

Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa image 1

For the project we used silver and golden organza to make an applique halo. However, this step is optional, you can skip it if you wish.

Step One: Hoop the fabric with 2 layers of medium-weight iron-on stabilizer. If you want to make the applique, place a piece of organza over the hooped fabric. Start embroidering. The machine will embroider the outline of the halo and stop.
Note: If you do not make the applique, start the machine and proceed with embroidery.

Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa image 2

Step Two: With a pair of sharp scissors cut away the excess organza. Return the hoop to the machine and go on embroidering.

Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa image 3

Please note that the first 4 colors embroider the halo. You can choose your colors for it.

The colors 5 through 20 embroider the Virgin in the photo-stitch technique. Please use only the threads suggested in the color card!

In this stitch-out, we made the halo with silver organza and in silver metallic thread. The stitch-out is on light blue fabric.

Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa image 4

In this stitch-out, we made the halo with golden organza and in golden metallic thread. The stitch-out is on off-white fabric.

Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa image 5

Icon Holy Virgin Eleusa image 6

Happy Embroidering!

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