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Baltimore Album Quilt. Block 4: Laurel Wreath

These are instructions on how to embroider and make the Laurel Wreath Block. The set comes in two versions: for the large hoop and the mega hoop. Both give you the same end result, but the mega hoop version consists of fewer pieces that need to be assembled.

There are 4 designs in the Large Hoop set, all of which fit a 5" x 7" hoop. The designs are emboidered separately and sewn together.

The Mega Hoop sets consists of 2 parts, but these only fit a 6" x 10" hoop, and so they might not work with all machines.

The finished size of the block with the applique embroidery is about 10"-12", depending on the space you wish to leave around the embroidery.

The designs have a blanket stitch finish.

Large Hoop the left picture:
4 parts
Size: 129 x 129mm
Stitches: 8000
Colors: 1
Mega Hoop the right picture:
2 parts
Size: 149 x 199 mm
Stitches: 12000
Colors: 1

You will need base fabric, fabric for the applique, light-weight stabilizer, embroidery threads, machine quilting cotton threads and temporary fabric adhesive in a stick.

All designs are embroidered in the same way.

Step One: Hoop the base fabric stabilized with the stabilizer needed for your project. We used light-weight cut-away stabilizer.

Upload the file into your machine. Start embroidering. The machine will embroider the outlines of the vase and stop.

Step Two: Place a very small amount of the fabric glue inside the shape. Cover the shape with a piece of fabric (the color of your choice), press a little with the tips of your fingure so that the applique fabric adheres to the base and does not shift during the next step. Start the machine.

The machine will embroider the same shape over the applique fabric and stop.

Step Three: Take the hoop from the machine. With a pair of sharp scissors cut away the fabric around the shape as close to the stitches as possilbe. Return the hoop to the machine.

Step Four: Return the hoop to the machine and let it finish the raw edges. Change threads when needed. The designs have a blanket-stitch finish. We recommend to use cotton machine quilting threads for the finish.

Blocks Assembly

To make a block, you will need to embroider each design from the set.

When you have all 4 parts embroidered, take one part at a time, place it on a cutting mat, align your ruler along the embroidered lines and cut.

First sew both the upper and lower quarters together. Seam allowance is 1/4". Press the seams open.

Then sew the left and the right strips together. Press the seam open.

Trim the block to the size you need.

With the designs for a mega hoop, you have only 2 halves to sew together. Take one part at a time, place it on a cutting mat, align your ruler along the embroidered lines and cut.

Sew the halves together. Seam allowance is 1/4".

Trim the blocks to the size you need.

Happy Embroidering!

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