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Christmas Greeting Cards

With only a week left until Christmas there's not enough time to start on a big project. These greeting cards, however, are the perfect thing. They're quick to put together and are much more personal and attractive than ready-made cards.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 1

For the project we used the Jingle Bells photostitch designm but pretty much any design in our store can be used.

You will need a piece of organza fabric, watersoluble mesh, card stock, 1/2"-wide ribbon or trim, hot-fix crystals (optional), white craft glue, pencil, ruler, scissors, craft knife and craft soldering iron.

Step One: Embroider the design on a layer of organza stabilized with 2 layers of wate-soluble mesh.

Cut out the design.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 2

Step Two: Wash away the stabilizer.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 3

Step Three: Cut away the excess fabric.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 4

Step Four: With a soldering iron melt the remaining threads of organza around the edges.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 5

Step Five: Decorate the stitch-out with hot-fix crystals.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 6

Step Six: Fold a sheet of cardstock in half and press the folded line. Unfold the sheet. Place on the table right side up.

Apply a liberal amount of glue to the back of the stitch-out. Place it on the right half of the card. Press. Leave to dry.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 7

Step Seven: When the glue is dry, with the help of pencil and ruler mark the position of slits for the ribbon: we placed them 1/4" from the fold, each slit is 1/4" wide and there are 1 1/2" between the pairs. Each slit is about 1" long. Please note that you want your marks to be as slight as possible - we made them a little more obvious for the sake of the photo.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 8

Step Eight: With the help of the ruler and craft knife cut through the marks to make slits.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 9

Step Nine: Insert a ribbon through the slits. Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 10

Step Ten: With the pencil and ruler, draw a straight line 3 1/2" from the right edge.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 11

Step Eleven: Cut away the cardstock along the marked straight line and around the embroidery.

Christmas Greeting Cards image 12

Fold the card back. The card is ready. Enjoy!

Christmas Greeting Cards image 13

We have more cards on the website that were made in the same way. Pretty much any design can be used:

Christmas Greeting Cards image 14
Mr. Santa

Christmas Greeting Cards image 15
Christmas Angel

Christmas Greeting Cards image 16
Santa's Reindeer

Christmas Greeting Cards image 17
Christmas Gifts

Happy Embroidering!

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