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Decorative Ceramic Tiles with Embroidery

This is a new and original decorative idea. Instead of a wall hanging, wall quilt, or even a frame, you can put embroidery on tiles, and hang those up for decoration. It's pretty easy to do, and the finished project sure stands out from the crowd!

For the project we used the designs from the Sunflower Set for a large (5" x 7") hoop, however, you can use any Floral photo-stitch designs from our large collection.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles with Embroidery image 1

You will need: ceramic tiles, acrylic paints, sponge for paints, decoupage coating, univesal spray adhesive, flat brushes for coating, nail polish remover.

For embroidery, we used embroidery polyester threads, watersoluble mesh stabilizer and polyester organza fabric.

Preparing the Tiles:

To degrease the tiles, wipe the tiles with nail polish remover.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles with Embroidery image 2

Using sponges or gauze pads, paint the surface of the tiles with acrylic paints. We painted them with a gradual transition from blue to white and teal to white. They're meant to look sky-like. However, you can use whatever colors suit your project.

Leave the tiles to air dry. Meanwhile, prepare the embroidery.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles with Embroidery image 3


Embroider the designs on a layer of water-soluble mesh and organza.
Wash away the stabilizer and cut away the organza. Press the embroidery flat.

Embellishing the Tiles

Position the stitch-outs on the tiles. When you like your arrangement, spray the back of the stitch-outs with universal adhesive and press onto the tiles. Let the adhesive dry.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles with Embroidery image 4

With the help of a flat brush place a thin layer of decoupage coating over the tiles and embroidery. Leave to air dry. Re-coat if needed. Let dry.

Decorative Ceramic Tiles with Embroidery image 5

The tiles are ready. Enjoy!

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