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Easter Bookmarks and Ornaments

These bright colorful bookmarks are very easy to make and are an excellent Easter gift. The bookmarks feature designs from the Easter Redwork Set. They can also be used as window ornaments.

You will need polyester craft felt in different colors, tassels, ribbons, scissors with zig-zag edges, regular scissors and embroidery threads.

Hoop a piece of felt in your 5" x 7" hoop and embroider the first design.
Hoop another piece of felt.
Then use the mirror/flip function on your machine to embroider a mirror image of the design.
Please note that we did not use any stabilizer. If not sure, use a light-weight tear-away stabilizer.

Cut out both stitch-outs leaving margins of about 1/2" around the embroidery.
Place the stitch-outs together back to back.

Insert a tassel at the bottom. At the top, insert a loop made of ribbon loop. The ends of the tassel and the loop should be between the stitch-outs. Pin the stitch-outs together.

On your sewing machine, topsitch the layers together very close to the embroidery.

With regular scissors neatly cut out the felt around the tessel and/or loop ends.

With the scissors with zig-zag edges, cut away the felt close to the topstitch.

Out of scraps of felt cut out flowers and leaves. Sew or glue them onto your ornaments.
They are ready!


Happy embroidering!

Happy Easter!

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