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Embroidered Tablecloth for a Round Table

This tablecloth features the designs from the Bird Art Nouveau Set.
The finished size of the tablecloth is about 77" (195 cm) in diameter (diagonally across the main square).

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For the project you will need a piece of linen, or cotton/linen blend fabric measuring 55" x 55" (140 x 140 cm), a piece of polyester organza measuring 44" x 44" (110 x 110cm) of a color matching the main fabric and polyester/silk binding. The choice of colors is up to you.

For embroidery use embroidery polyester or rayon threads, light-weight cut-away stabilizer and water soluble mesh.


Print out a screenshot of the round design and with its help mark the position of the embroidery in the corners of the main square. Stabilize the fabric with light-weight cut-away stabilizer and make the embroidery in all 4 corners. Cut away the excess stabilizer around the embroidery.

Cut the piece of organza into 4 fat quarters, 22" x 22" each.

Print out a screenshot of the corner design. With its help mark the position of the embroidery. Stabilize the organza with water soluble mesh and make the embroidery in a corner on all 4 squares.
Cut away the excess stabilizer around the embroidery, wash away the remainder.

Assembly and Finishing:

Finish the edges of the main square with the binding. Find and mark with pins the center of each side of the square. Put the piece aside for a time being.

Take the organza squares. Fold the squares diagonally with the embroidery facing you, wrong side inwards. Align and pin all edges. Lightly press the diagonal with a warm iron.

Baste the raw edges together. We recommend to baste instead of pinning because that makes it easier to work with organza.
Finish the edges with the binding.

You will have 4 organza triangles. Find and mark with a pin the center of the longest side on each triangle.

Now align the centers of the square's sides and the center of the triangle's longest sides. Tuck the triangles 1/4" (6mm) under the edge of the fabric and pin each triangle in place.

Machine-stitch the triangles in place.

The tablecloth is ready.


Happy Stitching!

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