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Christmas Doily with Cutwork Lace Candle Design

For this doily we used the design Cutwork Lace Candle II.

For the doily, you will need 6 stitch-outs of the Cutwork Lace Candle II and a piece of fabric.

Step One: On your working table, lay the stitch-outs out in a circle. Handstitch them together in the spots where they touch.

Step Two: Place this lace frame on your piece of fabric. Pin in place.

Step Three: On your sewing machine, using narrow and not very dense zig-zag, stitch along the inner edges of the frame.

Step Four: Flip the work over and with a pair of sharp scissors, cut away the excess fabric close to the zig-zag stitches.

Step Five: Return to your sewing machine and using a dense zig-zag, stitch over the edges again. It will finish the raw edges of the fabric.

The doily is ready. Enjoy!

Happy Stitching!

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