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Cutwork Lace Insert

These are instructions on how to embroider the Cutwork Lace Insert.
The design is available in 2 sizes - for mega and commercial size hoops.

Cutwork Lace Insert image 1

Cutwork Lace Insert image 2

Mega Hoop:

Size: 132 x 254 mm (5.4" x 10")
Stitches: 71031
Colors: 2/3

Commercial Hoop:

Size: 154 x 299 mm (6" x 12")
Stitches: 83951
Colors: 2/3

You will need fabric, water soluble mesh and embroidery threads. 40-weight embroidery polyester threads are preferred for the project.

Cotton thread is not suitable because the embroidery will be too bulky.

Rayon thread is sensitive to the chemicals in the water-soluble mesh and will not work for the project.

Please note: ALWAYS make a test stitch-out on scrap before you make a stitch-out on the real item.

Step One: To embroider the design, hoop the fabric with a layer of water soluble mesh. Start embroidering. The machine will embroider the outline of the design and stop.

Cutwork Lace Insert image 3

Step Two: Take the hoop from the machine. With a pair of sharp scissors cut away the fabric. The areas of fabric which are meant to be removed are darkened in the above picture.

Cutwork Lace Insert image 4

Step Three: Return the hoop to the machine. Change the thread if needed. The cut-out parts will be filled with embroidery. The machine will stop.

Cutwork Lace Insert image 5

Step Four: Change the thread again, if you'd like. Start the machine. It will finish the design.

Cutwork Lace Insert image 6

Step Five: Wash away the stabilizer and leave to air dry.

We decorated the back of a summer top with the design.

Cutwork Lace Insert image 7


Happy Embroidering!

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