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Soutage-Style Earrings

Soutage jewelry has become very popular again lately. These freestanding embroidery Earrings imitate the soutage look.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 1

There are 2 files in the set with slightly different designs:

Soutage-Style Earrings image 2

Stitches: 5094
Size: 34 x 48 mm (1.3" x 1.8")
Colors: 7/7
Stitches: 5876
Size: 34 x 48 mm (1.3" x 1.8")
Colors: 6/6

You will need

  • embroidery thread (either polyester or rayon) in the colors of your choice
  • any light-weight spunbond non-woven fabric, such as SmartFab, or any other of your choice, some cut-away stabilizers will work very well,
  • a piece of Sulky Puffy Foam,
  • a piece of fine fabric,
  • a piece of thin polyester leatherette for the lining,
  • universal glue,
  • jewelry embellishments to your taste - seed beeds, flatback cabouchons, drop beads, etc.
  • earring wire.


Step One: Hoop non-woven fabric. Do not use any additional stabilizer. Place a piece of Puffy Foam over the hoop.

Upload the file into the machine. Start it. The first color will embroider the outline of the earring.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 3

Step Two: Take the hoop from the machine and tear away the foam around the stitches.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 4

Orange Puffy is used here for the sake of photo.

Step Three: Cover the stitches with a piece of fine fabric in a color of your choice. We used very thin stretchy polyester. Embroider the same outline over the fabric.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 5

Step Four: With a pair of sharp scissors cut away the fabric around the outline. Take care not to cut through the stitches.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 6

Step Five: Embroider the earring with the colors of your choice.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 7

Soutage-Style Earrings image 8

Step Six: After the embroidery is finished, cut away the base fabric very close to the stitches. Melt the edges if needed.

Making the Earrings

Step Seven: Decorate the jewelry using the embellishments you selected.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 9

Step Eight: To make the back look neat, cover the back with a thin coat of adhesive and place it on a piece of fine leather or leatherette. Let it dry.

Step Seven: After the glue is dry, cut away the excess material.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 10

Step Eight: Attach the earring wire.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 11

Your jewelry piece is done!

The earrings match the Soutage-Style Pendant or Brooch design that we added last week.

Soutage-Style Earrings image 12


Happy Stitching!

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