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Winter-Themed Snowman Sweatshirts

With the help of the applique designs from the Snowman Set we made winter-themed sweatshirts for the whole family. We chose sweatshirts in Christmas colors, but other colors like blue, black and gray will work as well.


Winter-Themed Snowman Sweatshirts image 1

You will need

  • blank sweatshirts in the right colors and sizes,
  • light-weight iron-on cut-away stabilizer,
  • small embellishments, like winter-themed buttons, beads or crystals (optional)


VERY IMPORTANT: Please note that it's important that the sweatshirt is supported during the embroidery process. The machine should stand, for example, on a large table and the sweatshirt should not hang down, but be supported by the table. Otherwise, the weight of the sweatshirt will pull the hoop of your machine out of position and ruin the embroidery. You can even damage the carriage of your machine.

Press the sweatshirt.

On your computer, open the design you're going to embroider in your embroidery software. Print out a template of the design and cut it out.

If you do not have embroidery software, you can make an approximate template by cutting out a rectangle of the size of the design.

Using the paper templates, choose the position of the embroidery on the sweatshirt.

Stabilize the sweatshirts (base fabric) with light-weight iron-on cut-away stabilizer. Stabilize the applique fabric with the same stabilizer.

Embroider the design following the applique instructions.

Daughter's Sweater

The sweater size is 2T. For this sweaterm we used the design "Snowman 4" (Snow Girl) for the large hoop (5" x 7"). A sweater of this size will not hoop in larger frames.

Winter-Themed Snowman Sweatshirts image 2

We further embellished the sweater with small snowflake shaped buttons.

Mother's Sweater

The size of the sweater is Women's M regular. For this sweater, we used the design "Snowman 1" (Snow Mom) for the commercial hoop (8" x 12")

Winter-Themed Snowman Sweatshirts image 3

As additional embellishment, we used a poinsettia shaped button on the scarf of the snowman.

Son's Sweater

The size of this sweater is Boys' M5. The design used is "Snowman 2" for the large hoop (5" x 7").

Winter-Themed Snowman Sweatshirts image 4

As additional embellishments we used mitten shaped and snowflake shaped buttons.

Father's Sweatshirt

The size of the sweater is Men's M regular. We used the design of "Snowman 3" (Snow Dad) for the commercial size hoop (8" x 12").

Winter-Themed Snowman Sweatshirts image 5

Winter-Themed Snowman Sweatshirts image 6

That's it for the sweaters. Enjoy!

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