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Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621

These are instructions on how to embroiderand assemble the CutworkAnemone Doily. There 2 files in each set. The designs areavailablein 2 sizes: for the large hoop (5" x 7") and mega hoop.
The finished size of the doilies in diameter are about 14" for the large and about 15 3/4" for the mega hoops.

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 1

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 2

Mega Hoop:
Part 1:
Size: 149 x 166 mm
Stitches: 31 421
Colors: 1

Part 2:
Size: 91 x 92 mm
Stitches: 6 978
Colors: 1

Large Hoop:
Part 1:
Size: 129 x 136 mm
Stitches: 26 828
Colors: 1

Part 2:
Size: 80 x 81 mm
Stitches: 6 978
Colors: 1

You will need fabric, water soluble meshand embroidery threads.

We recommend to use water-soluble mesh,such as Vilene. Vilene D0102is a non woven dissolvable stabilizer which is imported into the US, issold in large rolls and is sometimes repackaged under different brandnames.

Some of these brand names are Fabri-Solvy by Sulky, Avalon Plus byMadeira, Wash-Away, and Aqua Magic.

40-50-weight embroidery cotton threads arepreferred for the project.
Rayon thread is softer and more sensitive to the chemicals in thewater-soluble mesh. We do not like to use rayon thread for cutwork laceprojects.

Please note: ALWAYS make a test stitch-outon scrap before you makea stitch-out on the final item.


Both files are embroidered in the same way.

Step One: Hoop 1-2layers of water soluble mesh. Start embroidering. The firstcolor will embroider the outline of thedesign.

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 3

Step Two: Cover theoutline with a piece if fabric and start the machine. It will embroiderthe same outline over the fabric.

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 4

Step Three: Take thehoop from the machine. With a pair of sharpscissors cut away the fabric in the places shown on the picture below.

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 5

Step Four: Return thehoop to the machine and finish embroidering. Embroider Part 1 six times.

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 6

StepFive: In the same way embroider Part 2. You need toembroider it once.

Washingout the Stabilizer:

Rinsing away the stabilizer is also animportant step, because the lacecan be stretched or distorted if this is done incorrectly. We recommendto use a foam board and stainless pins.

Cut away the excess stabilizer close to thestitches. Take your timeand carefully pin all the edges to theboard.

Now place the board into a bowl withluke-warm water. Leave the boardin the water for at least half an hour. Change the water a couple oftimes.

Take the board out of the water and leave toair dry. Do not unpin thelace until it's completely dry.
Press, if needed.

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 7

Thisstitch-out is used for demonstation purposes only.

Assemblyof the Doily.

On your working table, lay out all parts asshown:

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 8

On your sewing machine, using the samethread with which you made the embroidery and the zig-zag stitch,stitch the parts together.

Cutwork Anemone Doily #22621 image 9

Happy Embroidering!

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