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Modern Art Christmas Door Wreath

Do you like unconventional twists on traditional ideas? Then this Modern Art Christmas Wreath project might be for you! It's quick and easy, and can be completed in just one afternoon.

We used designs from the FSL Battenberg Christmas Ornament Set and FSL Battenberg Lace Bow.

You will need :

  • embroidery threads (preferably cotton),
  • watersoluble stabilizer,
  • picture frame measuring about 13" x 10",
  • screwdriver,
  • Christmas-themed ribbons, thin cord or yarn,
  • small glass ball ornaments (optional),
  • small beads, crystals, rhinestones (optional),
  • scissors.


Upload the files FSL Battenberg Christmas Ornament Set and FSL Battenberg Lace Bow into the machine. Embroider them following the instructions.

Rinse the stabilizer and leave the stitch-outs to air dry.
Embellish the stitch-outs with beads, crystals or rhinestones (optional).

Assembly of the Bells:

Sew the bells' sides together, using thread of a matching color.
If you going to use small ball ornaments for the inside of the bells, remove the ball's cap with wire. Insert the wire through the top of the bell.

Re-insert the wire into the ball on the inside of the bell.

The bells are ready.
If you do not want to use balls, just tie a golden/silver string to the top of the bells.

Assemble the bow, following the directions.

Preparing the Frame:

Remove the back and the glass. Unscrew the picture holders and re-attach them to the top of the frame at the back. 2 of the holders should point downwards. They should be positioned an equal distance from each side. The 3 other holders should point upwards and should be spread out on the top of the frame.

Fasten the strings with the bells to the holders.

Make a loop from a piece of cord and hook it onto the 2 lower holders.

Fasten the bow to the front of the frame.

Decorate the wreath with holly or mistletoe. You can also paint it.

The wreath is ready! Enjoy!

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