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Christmas Tree Quilted Table Runner
This loveable table runner is very easy to piece with the help of our downloadable templates.

We used designs from the Christmas Tree Set for a large size hoop (5" x 7").

The finished size of the table runner is about 17" x 37".

You will need :
  • embroidery threads according to the color card of the designs,
  • light-weight iron-on cut-away stabilizer,
  • 1/2 yard each of
    • white,
    • Christmas-patterned green,
    • Christmas-patterned red quilting cotton fabric,
  • fabric for the backing,
  • batting,
  • #12 or #14 quilting needles,
  • quilting threads of matching colors,
  • rotary cutter or scissors
  • quilter's ruler,
  • a pencil,
  • iron,
  • printer (for the templates)
Download the template file. To open and print the template, which is a PDF file, you will need Adobe Reader or a similar program. The program is free to download and install.
You will also need a printer to print out the PDF template. Please note that if you download these instructions as a PDF, you will have to download the template separately from this page!
Template Download
Print out the templates, cut them out. You'll have 4 templates marked with the letters A-D.
Out of white fabric:

Using template A, cut 9 pieces.
Using template D, cut 2 pieces.
Out of red fabric:

Using template B, cut 3 pieces.

Use the remaining fabric for the binding: cut several strips 2 1/2" wide and as long as the width of the fabric. Cut enough strips to sew them into a strip of 120" long for the binding.
Out of green fabric:

Using template B, cut 6 pieces.
Using template C, cut 2 pieces.
Assembly of the Top:
Note: Seam allowance is 1/4", press every seam immediately after you make it .
Sew all green and red B-triangles to the white A-pieces.

Sew the green C-triangles to the white D-pieces.
On your working table, arrange the triangles as shown on the diagram below.
Sew them together one by one together. Don't forget to press the seams.
The embroidery should be done on the white parts of the top. Working with one area at a time, stabilize the center of the white piece with light- to medium-weight iron-on cut-away stabilizer. Hoop it tightly.

Print out the JPG color card, select threads by the color card (not by the screen of your machine!). Try to choose green and red hues that match the colors of your fabrics.

Upload the embroidery files of the Christmas Tree Set into the machine and embroider them one by one. Please note that there are 6 designs, and you need 9 stitch-outs. 3 trees will have to be repeated.
After the embroidery is done, press the stitch-outs and the fabric around them.
Quilting and Finishing:
Now place the backing on a flat surface (table) face down. Cover with batting. Spread your working piece over it.

Pin all layers together with 1" pins and start quilting. We quilted with golden metallic thread, so we used a #14 needle.

We quilted through the embroidery and all over the quilt with a free motion meandering pattern.

After the quilting is finished, press the work with heavy steam from both sides (front and back), and square the work -- all corners should be 90 degrees and opposite sides should be of the same length.
Finish the raw edges with the binding.


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