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Doll Sneakers for 18-inch Dolls
These are instructions on how to embroider and assemble the designs from the Doll Sneaker Set. Some hand stitching required. The shoes will fit 18-inch dolls, such as American Girl doll (shown on photos), Our Generation and My Life As... dolls.
Doll shoes shown on the feet of American Girl dolls.

You will need :
  • embroidery threads, either polyester or rayon, in your choice of colors,
  • medium-weight spunbond fabric or medium-weight cut-away stabilizer; please note that the stabilizer stays in the stitch-out and works as a lining,
  • fabric for the upper part of the shoes, it can be thin faux leather or any fabric, we used thin stretch polyester (golden sneakers), cotton (lilac sneakers) and medium-weight peach skin polyester (black sneakers),
  • material for the soles, it should be heavier than what you use for the uppers,
  • applique scissors,
  • thin cord, yarn or narrow ribbons for shoe laces,
  • sewing needle and sewing thread of matching colors,
  • tapestry needle.

Golden doll shoes, finished project.

Lilac doll shoes, finished project.

Black doll shoes, finished project.

You will get 2 files: "Sneakers1" and "Sneakers2". Both files are embroidered in the same way, as applique.
Step One: Upload any file from the set into the machine. Select threads.
Hoop a layer of spunbond or medium-weight cut-away stabilizer.
Tighten the hoop.

Start the machine. The first color will embroider the outline and stop.
Step Two: Cover the outline with a piece of fabric. Start the machine. It will embroider the same outline over the fabric.
Outlines of shoe soles on a piece of fabric.

Outlines of shoe upper parts on a piece of fabric.

Step Three: Take the hoop from the machine and with a pair of sharp scissors cut away the fabric around the outlines. Take care not to cut through the stitches.
Outlines of shoe soles with the fabric cut around.

Outlines of shoe upper parts with the fabric cut around.

Step Four: The last color will finish the raw edges of the applique:
Shoe soles , embroidery is done.

Shoe upper parts , embroidery is done.

Step Five: Take the stitch-out from the hoop, neatly cut away the excess spunbond around the stitch-outs.
Step Six: Fold the upper parts to make the short edges meet and sew them together butt-to-butt. You can either do it on a sewing machine using zig-zag, or by hand. Use thread of matching color.
Upper part of the shoe with the back part stitched.

If you think that the sole is not firm enough, trace the soles' outlines on a piece of thin cardboard or foam and cut them out.
Doll shoe soles - embroidered, cardboard and foam.

Step Seven: With a couple of safety pins pin the sole to the upper and stitch by hand over the edges.
Photo showing how to stritch the sole to the upper part.

Photo showing how to stritch the sole to the upper part

Step Eight: Thread a tapestry needle with the cord or ribbon and insert the lace into the shoe holes.
Photo showing how to insert laces into the doll shoe.

Step Nine: Insert cardboad/foam soles inside. Put the sneakers on the doll.
Finished shoe on a doll's foot.

Have fun!
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