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Kid's T-shirt Decorated with Kitten Embroidery
It can be difficult to embroider on small items. They can be hard or even impossible to hoop. In this tutorial, we show a technique used by professional tailors to get around this problem. The embroidery is made on netting and then attached to clothes.

To decorate this children's T-shirt, we used the designs from the Kitties and Puppies Set.
A kid's t-shirt decorated with kitten embroidery

You will need :
  • embroidery threads, either polyester or rayon. Use our color cards.
  • a T-shirt,
  • nylon netting, (try to choose netting close to the color of the T-shirt),
  • water-soluble stabilizer,
  • temporary fabric adhesive and/or sewing pins,
  • scissors,
  • #12 universal needle, sewing threads.
Step One: Cut a piece of netting and 2 pieces of water-soluble mesh, large enough to be hooped in a 4"x4" hoop. Sandwich the netting between the sheets of the stabilizer. Tighten the hoop.

Upload any file from the set into your machine. Open the JPG color card on your computer and select threads.
A "sandwich" of netting between 2 layers of water-soluble mesh

Step Two: Embroider the design.
Embroidery of a kitten on the "sandwich" of netting and water-soluble mesh.

A close-up of the stitch-out.
Close-up of the kitten embroidery

Step Three: Neatly cut away the excess stabilizer, but do not cut the netting.
Stitch-outs of kittens and puppies on the "sandwich" with excess stabilizer cut away

Step Four: Wash-away the remaining stabilizer and leave the stitch-outs to air dry.
Stitch-outs of the kittens and puppies with stabilizer washed-away.

Attaching the Stitch-outs:
Step Five: Lay out the stitch-outs on the t-shirt as you like. Mark the position of each design.
Stitch-outs of the kittens placed on a t-shirt

Step Six: Working with one design at a time, Apply some adhesive to the back of the design, trying not to get any on the netting. Press with your fingers. If you do not have adhesive, use pins to anchor the design in place.

On your sewing machine, stitch the design in place following the inside of the black outline.
Stitch-out of a kitten sewn to the t-shirt

Step Seven: Using a pair of sharp scissors, neatly cut away the netting around the design.
Stitch-out of the kitten with the netting removed.

Repeat Steps 5-7 with the remaining stitch-outs.
Have fun!
FInished t-shirt with 3 embroidered kittens on the front.

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