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Kids Dress Makeover for Christmas Parties
Welcome to our Kids Dress Makeover tutorial, where we'll guide you through transforming a dress into a festive masterpiece for Christmas parties. In this tutorial, we'll focus on using freestanding lace machine embroidery to add a touch of elegance to your child's attire. Follow along for step-by-step instructions on incorporating lace designs, creating a unique ensemble that will make your little one stand out during holiday celebrations. Let's get started on this delightful sewing and embroidery adventure!
2 little girls in red dresses decorated with white Christmas-themed embroidery
A ready-made dress is rather difficult to embroider on, as it's difficult to hoop and it can be easy to misplace the embroidery. We use an applique method to get around this problem. First we embroider the design on nylon net before stitching it to the garment.

There are several advantages to this method:
  • you do not need to rip the seams for hooping and then sew them together again,
  • you can apply the embroidery in places which are next to impossible to hoop, and
  • if you decide you don't like the embroidery, you can remove it without damaging the garment.
For the project we used the designs from the Snowflakes Set , Christmas Tree Ornament Set, Snowflake Set II, and Snowflake Set III.
2 girls in red velvet dresses decorated with embroidery

Please note that all these designs are from our freestanding crochet collection. If you want to embroider them as freestanding, you need to use COTTON embroidery thread both in the needle and in the bobbin. However, if you embroider on the nylon net, you can use regular embroidery thread (rayon or polyester). This will also make the stitch-outs lighter.
You will need :
  • white embroidery threads, either polyester or rayon
  • nylon net, use fine mesh, the type sold by the yard, not on bobbins, and choose a color to match the color of your garment;
  • a garment (we used 2 red dresses);
  • water soluble embroidery stabilizer;
  • scissors;
  • sewing pins;
  • #12 universal machine needle;
  • universal sewing thread;
  • a quilting foot on your sewing machine;
  • Optionally:
    • fun fur, or fur yarn,
    • crochet hooks or needles,
    • crystals or beads,
    • glitter
A red dress for a little girl
Upload the files from the Snowflakes Set , Christmas Tree Ornament Set, Snowflake Set II, and Snowflake Set III. into the embroidery machine.

Sandwich a piece of nylon net between 2 layers of water soluble stabilizer. Hoop tightly. Embroider designs one by one and as many as you need.
A piece of net sandwiched between 2 layers of watersoluble mesh.
Carefully cut away the stabilizer as close to the stitches as possible. Take care not to cut the net.

Wash away the stabilizer. Leave to air dry. Press, if needed.

Cut away the net leaving margins of about 1/2" - 1" around the stitch-outs.
Stitch-outs of the snowflakes
Stitch-outs of fir trees on the net.
Pin the stitch-out to your garment.
Stitch-outs pinned to the dress
Carefully, one by one, topstitch the designs first along the inner lines, then along the outer edges. Use the quilting foot of your sewing machine and the white sewing thead.
A snowflake stitch-out stiched to the dress with the quilting foot in a free motion style.
The Stitch-out is attached to the dress.
Cut away the excess net.
Carefully cut away the excess net.
Cut away the excess net around the stitch-out
You can further embellish the neckline and hem of the dress with fur or crocheted or knitted I-cord. If your child likes glitter, add beads or crystals.
Have fun!
Red child's dress embellished with snowflake embroidery.
Close-up of the embroidery
Red child's dress embellished with fir tree and snowflake embroidery.
CLose-up of the embroidery
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