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Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert

Here we explain how to embroider the FSL Crochet Yo-Yo Motif.
You will need cotton embroidery or machine quilting threads, woven water soluble stabilizer (mesh) such as Vilene, small beads or buttons and any fine transparent fabric such as tulle, organza or chiphon. It's possible to use ribbons made of these fabrics. Ribbons must be 2 inches (5 cm wide).

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 1

The crochet part of the design should be embroidered as we recommend in our General Guidelines and Step-by-Step Guide to Embroidering our Crochet-Style FSL designs.
They should be embroidered with 30-, 40- or 50-weight 100% cotton thread. We used cotton Signature thread for machine quilting. Seed beads, tassels and narrow satin ribbons were used for embellishing.

Some points to remember from the General Guidelines:
Use Vilene water soluble stabilizer;
Use COTTON thread;
Use the same thread for the needle and bobbin;
DO NOT embroider several designs in one hoop;
Make sure you use a sharp needle.

Step One: Cut fabric into strips measuring 2" x 6" (50 mm x 155 mm)

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 2

Step Two: Fold breadthwise and stitch the shorts sides together 1/4" (5mm) from the edge.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 3

Step Three: Fold back one half of the ring lengthwise, so that the stitch ends up being inside the ring. Make the raw edges meet. See the picture below for the result you should get.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 4

Step Four: Baste through both layers 1/8" (3 mm) from the edge.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 5

Pull the thread to gather the fabric into a yo-yo.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 6

Attach a small bead or button to the center. The finished yo-yo is about 2" (5 cm) in diameter.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 7

Step Four: Hoop water soluble Vilene stabilizer. Insert the hoop into the machine. Start the machine WITHOUT a thread in the needle! It will make a perforated circle and stop.

Note: If your machine does not start without threads, let it stitch the circle with light embroidery rayon or polyester threads, but afterwards take the thread out. You only need the perforated outline of the circle on the stabilizer.

Step Five: Take the hoop from the machine, lay on a flat surface and with a soft pencil, draw a circle over the perforated marks. Do not press too hard with the pencil as the stabilizer may tear.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 8

Step Six: Place the yo-yo on the circle and secure it in place with several large stitches. They have to be done manually!

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 9

Step Seven: Now thread the machine with cotton threads, both the needle and the bobbin. Place the hoop in the machine and continue embroidering the design just like regular FSL crochet lace.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 10

Step Eight: When the embroidery is finished, take it from the hoop, cut away the excess stabilizer, pull out the basting thread and rinse the stabilizer. Use warm water, because cotton threads shrink substantially in hot water. Spread flat and leave to air dry. You should get a part similar to the one on the picture below.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 11

The finished pattern can be assembled and used in various projects, such as blouses, shawls, curtains, table linen, etc. You can read about how we embellished this T-shirt on the page T-Shirt Decorated with FSL Crochet Yo-Yo Motif.

Crochet with Yo-Yo Insert image 12

We hope that you liked our idea and will come up with many of your own.

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