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Greeting Cards with Angel Lace

These charming greeting cards feature the FSL Battenberg Angel Lace. They're simple to craft and make great, professional-looking keep-sakes.

For the lace, you will need water-soluble mesh and embroidery threads. For the cards, you'll need card stock of various colors and patterns, and various small embellishments - stickers, bows, ribbons, etc.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 1

Hoop 2 layers of water-soluble mesh and embroider the design of the Angel. For our samples we used cotton threads of different colors with a 12/80 needle and pre-wound polyester bobbins.

Wash away the stabilizer and air dry the motifs.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 2

Select the cardstock sheets. Cut out the needed size. Our cards are 6" x 7 1/2" (finished), so we cut out 12" x 7 1/2" strip.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 3

Fold the cardstock strip in half widthwise. Press the folded line with something heavy and dull, e.g. a scissors' handle, to make the crease neat and permanent.
Unfold the card. Place the lace on the front panel where you 'd like to attach it. With a pencil, mark the center of the design.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 4

Put the embroidery aside and with a pair of sharp scissors or a craft knife, cut an "X" over the pencil mark.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 5

With a flat-headed pin, pin the lace motif to the front of the card over the "X"-shaped cut.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 6

Using a quilting foot and free-motion settings in your machine, attach the embroidery to the card. Follow the outline of the second color on the embroidery. We used the same thread that we used for the second color of the embroidery. In our case, this was metallic thread.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 7

Open the card. Insert the points of the scissors into the "x" cut and start cutting away the paper under the lace. Cut the paper out as close to the stiches as possible, but be careful not to cut into the embroidery.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 8

You are basically finished. The card is beautiful as it is. If you would like to add more sparkle, you can further embellish the cards with stickers, small beads, shells, crystals, etc.

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 9

Greeting Cards with Angel Lace image 10

Happy embroidering!

We hope that you liked our idea and will come up with many of your own!

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