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Dress Scarves with Edge Lace Embroidery

The edges of these dress scarves are embellished with the designs from the FSL Battenberg Border Lace Set. They are a beautiful addition to any outfit and can make an elegant gift for a friend.

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For the scarves, you can use silk, chiffon or georgette of any color you fancy. You will need about half a yard per scarf.

The lace can be made with matching or contrasting colors.

We made all our lace using embroidery polyester thread in the needle and pre-wound bobbins with polyester thread.

For each scarf, embroider the lace first. Embroider as many motifs as you need. Rinse the stabilizer. Air dry the lace. When all the pieces are ready, place them in a row as you are going to sew them onto the edge of the fabric and measure their length. Now, you can cut out the fabric for your scarf to match the length of the edge lace.

Red Silk Dupioni Scarf

The finished width of this scarf is 14 inches. We embroidered the lace motif 3 times for each end edge. The lace is of contrasting white color, but the second color is red to match the color of the scarf.

When the lace was ready and we lined up the individual pieces in a row, they measured 4 inches. We cut out a piece of the fabric measuring 16 inches wide (14" plus 2" to finish the edges) and 42 inches long.

To finish the raw edges, we folded back about 1 inch on all edges and pressed. Then we zig-zagged over the fold edge, using a 2:2 setting of the zig-zag stitch.
Finally, we cut away the excess fabric as close to the stitches as possible.

Pin the lace motifs to the ends of the scarf, as shown in the photo below. Using a free-motion foot on your sewing machine, attach the lace, following the upper edge of the lace. In the needle, use thread that matches the lace. In the bobbin, use thread that matches the scarf.

Black Polka-Dotted Georgette Scarf

This polka dot scarf features the same lace motif. The lace is made using 30-weight embroidery polyester thread in the needle and pre-wound bobbins. For each end, we embroidered 5 motifs.

Lay out the motifs on a table and, using the same thread with which you embroidered the lace, connect the motifs in the points marked with red dots on the diagram below.

Measure the side of the lace which will be attached to the scarf. Our lace measured 14 1/2". Cut out the scarf and finish the raw edges as described above.

Pin the lace to the end edge and using a free-motion foot, attach the lace to the scarf.

The blue and lilac scarves both feature the second motif from the set. We used 2 motifs on each end. The finished width of the scarves is 12 1/2 inches.

The blue scarf is made of polyester chiffon. The lilac scarf is made of georgette.

We hope that you liked our idea and will come up with many of your own!

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