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Glass Vase Decorated with Lace

Free-standing lace can be used to decorate glass tableware, including vases, candle-holders, glasses, water-jugs, jam jars and so on. In this project, we used winter-themed designs that we embroidered in white to create a center-piece for our Christmas decor.

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 1

You will need, first of all, a glass vase of any shape. Craft stores like JoAnn, Michelle's, Moore and others have a large selection of glass vases of all sizes and shapes. You will also need a universal glue. We used Gem-Tac permanent adhesive by Beacon, which, among other things, bonds fabrics to glass, is washable with water and dries crystal clear.

You will also need materials for decoration, like ribbons, glitter, beads and anything else you like.

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 2

We used our free-standing battenberg lace motifs. We chose this type of lace because on the one hand it's fast and easy to embroider, and on the other, it has a large surface area for adhering to glass.

Choose any motif that you'd like to see on your vase. For a winter project you can find the designs in our Christmas: Freestanding Lace and Christmas: Ornaments sections.

For other season projects, you can choose designs from the Free-Standing Battenberg Lace section.

We used FSL Battenberg Christmas Tree Lace and a snowflake from the FSL Battenberg White Christmas Lace Set.

Out vase is circular, so we need to measure its circumference. It turned out to be 17 1/4".

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 3

We lined up the motifs to check whether they will fit this measurement. Together, they measure 17 1/2", an almost perfect fit! If your motifs are too small for your vase, you should consider spacing them out, and if they are too big, you can move them up and down in relation to each other until they fit.

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 4

Spread the glue on the lace motifs and adhere them one by one to the vase. Do not forget to cover the table with a protective layer of newspapers or plastic. Leave the project to stand until the glue dries.

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 5

You can also adhere some glitter to the glass.

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 6

To complete our project, we filled the bottom of the vase with marbles and added branches that we had painted white.

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 7

We then decorated the branches with ornaments to make this a center-piece for a winter decor scheme.
For branch decorations we used the designs from the FSL Battenberg Snowflake Set for Small Hoop, FSL Crochet Angel Dress Set for 4-inch Dolls, and our free design from the Free-Standing Lace tutorials.

Glass Vase Decorated with Lace image 8

Happy Embroidering!

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