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FSL Battenberg Angels and Fairies

The FSL Battenberg 3D Lace Angel Ornament and FSL Battenberg 3D Lace Fairy ornament are two of our popular lace sets that were originally intended to be used as Christmas tree ornaments. However, you can put them to a variety of decorative uses.

In this project we show how you can make them using different materials (not just the pearls we recommended in the original tutorial).

The angel design (left ) is slightly bigger than the fairy design (right). If you have both sets, you can interchange the wings to make angels and fairies of varying sizes.

Here are pictures of three flower fairies. The colors are easy to vary to match the silk flowers we selected.

For the project you will need Crayola's Model Magic - it's a polymer clay which dries in air and is very easy and neat to model with. It's available in school supplies shops. You will also need seed beads (blue, black, brown or green for the eyes and red or pink for the mouths), doll curls for hair (alternatevely you can use yarn), silicone adhesive, yarn and small silk flowers.

First embroider and sew the dresses and wings of the angels and fairies.

Take a small piece of Model Magic and make a ball to fit on top of the dress.

Thread a needle with a yarn and take it through the clay ball, make a loop and return the needle with the yarn. Tie a knot over the clay ball and under the clay ball.

With a tip of a toothpick make small holes for the eyes and mouth. With the tip of the toothpick place some adhesive into the holes, then insert blue/black and red/pink seed beans.

Take several strands of doll curls and tie them around the loop.

Out of a piece of thin wire make a halos and insert them into the heads of the angels.

If you are making a fairy, thread a silk flower onto the loop. This will be a flower hat for the fairy.

Make the face in the same manner as described above.

Tie some curl strands around the yarn over the head.

Push the flower hat onto the hair and tie a knot on the loop.

Insert the loose ends of the string into the fairy dress, then thread the ends through a button. This will act as a stopper to prevent the head separating from the body. Tie a knot. To make shoes, thread a bead onto each loose end and tie a knot at the end of it.

The Angels and Fairies are ready. Enjoy!

The fairies can be used not only as Christmas tree decorations, but as seasonal hangings or to give to kids. Here are some pictures:

A customer Linda Berger has sent in her own version of the angel. She used a wooden bead for the head, painted the face and gave her angel a small golden bell.

Happy Embroidering!

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