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Embroidered Fridge Magnets

Many photo-stitch embroidery designs can be turned into refrigerator magnets to embellish your kitchen. The project is simple to do, but provides a unique touch, and embroidery fridge magnets make great gifts.

You will need a magnetic sheet or a piece of magnetic tape, organza, watersoluble mesh and embroidery threads. On our refrigerator below, you can see the following designs: Imperial Tea Roses, Red Currant, and Oranges.

Hoop a layer of organza with 2 layers of watersoluble mesh. Embroider the design and cut away the excess materials.

Rinse away the watersoluble mesh.

Cut away the organza as close to the embroidery as possible.

Using a soldering iron or hot craft knife, burn away the remaining organza threads. Take care not to burn the embroidery.

Press the embroidery with steam. Adhere a piece of magnetic tape to the back.

The fridge magnet is ready. Enjoy!

Happy Stitching!

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