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Rosebud Cutwork Doily

These are instructions on how to embroider the Rosebud Cutwork Doily design. The design is available in 3 sizes for the large, 5" x 7", mega, 8" x 10", and commercial (over 10") hoops. On the photo, you can see stitch-outs for all hoops.

Rosebud Cutwork Doily image 1

You will need fabric for the doily, water soluble mesh and embroidery threads.

Step One: To embroider this design, hoop a layer of water soluble mesh. Start embroidering. The machine will embroider the outline of the design and stop.

Rosebud Cutwork Doily image 2

Step Two: Cover the outline with fabric and start the machine. The machine will embroider the outline of the lace and stop.

Rosebud Cutwork Doily image 3

Step Three: Take the hoop from the machine. With a pair of sharp scissors cut away the fabric in the areas shown on the picture.

Rosebud Cutwork Doily image 4

Step Four: Return the hoop to the machine and finish embroidering.

Rosebud Cutwork Doily image 5

Step Five: Wash away the stabilizer, neatly spread it out on a flat surface and leave to air dry. Press if needed.

Rosebud Cutwork Doily image 6

The doily is ready. Enjoy!

Rosebud Cutwork Doily image 7

Happy Embroidering!

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