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Tips for the Beginner

  • Big cross-stitch designs are best fulfilled on plain weave fabrics: dense linen cloth, medium weight woolen (or woolen/acrylic) fabric without nap, such as thin flannel, duck or lightweight canvas. Fine cotton and cotton/polyester fabrics are easily tightened or stretched, causing deformation to the design.
  • After work with a certain color is finished, take out all the extra threads, leaving only the cross-stitches.
  • Prepare all needed threads before starting any work. Arrange the threads in the order they will be used in your work. Don't compare the thread color only with the colors on the color chart, but also with each other. In our ‘designs for sale’ we use the Madeira color chart.
  • If you want to use your embroidered work to decorate something practical, e.g. a cushion, we advise you to back the obverse side of the finished design with self-adhesive Vilene to hold the threads in place.
  • You can correct small mistakes with hand embroidery or with the help of a marker.
  • Never be afraid to experiment.
  • Sometimes it is better to embroider the same part of a design twice in order to conceal the base fabric or to make something have a 3d look. (E.g. the face of Madonna is embroidered twice).
  • We prefer to embroider on colored fabrics. The color of the background always influences the finished look of the design. For autumn landscapes we use forest green, for winter landscapes -- blue, for the Madonnas -- brown.

  • We do not use Aida fabric for machine embroidery, and prefer to leave it for hand embroidery. We consider that plain weave dense fabrics are better.
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