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Chrysanthemum Bowl and Doily Set

Chrysanthemum Bowl and Doily Set
Set of 5 Freestanding Lace Machine Embroidery Designs

Size: 129mm x 179mm (5.16" x 7.16")
Stitches: 35632
Colors: 3

Size: 122mm x 151mm (4.88" x 6.04")
Stitches: 35818
Colors: 3

Size: 109mm x 126mm (4.36" x 5.04")
Stitches: 17632
Colors: 2

Size: 134mm x 127mm (5.36" x 5.08")
Stitches: 20714
Colors: 3

Size: 178mm x 75mm (7.12" x 3")
Stitches: 22404
Colors: 3

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Freestanding Lace Bowls collection. It uses the Freestanding Lace technique. The designs will fit the Large hoop (5" x 7").

SKU#: 17007
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To make the bowl, you'll have to embroider five panels and the pentagon for the bottom.

Use 2 layers of Vilene-type water-soluble stabilizer and use the same thread for both the needle and bobbin to get 2-sided embroidery. Rinse the stabilizer and leave to air dry.

Press all parts with steam. Continue as you would with any other freestanding bowl. Read instructions in our Guide to Assembling a Freestanding Bowl.

To make this doily, you'll have to embroider six doily panels and stitch them together. Use 2 layers of Vilene-type water-soluble stabilizer. For the doily, you can use white bobbin thread as it doesn't have to be two-sided.

Rinse the stabilizer and leave to air dry. Press with steam and stitch the parts together using invisible thread or the same thread as you used for the doily.

The rectangular design of the set can be used for a bookmark, a candle wrap or a glass decoration. Feel free to choose any color for the chrysanthemum blossom.

Note: It's very important to use as small a hoop as possible. E.g. if your design is for a small hoop, use the small hoop, not the large one; if your design is for a large hoop, use large, not mega. Do not try to embroider several freestanding lace designs in one hoop. This is because all water-soluble stabilizers stretch, and in a bigger hoop, it's going to stretch more. This can lead to the design falling apart after the stabilizer is dissolved. It's always better to embroider one part at a time.

This photo was sent in by Victoria Slepchenko Moscow, Russia as her Best Project Contest 2009 entry. To read more about the project go to the customer's page.

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Category:Freestanding Lace >> Bowls
Technique:Freestanding Lace
Hoop Size:Large
Price:$15 to $20
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