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Fruit Applique Set

Fruit Applique Set
Set of 6 Machine Embroidery Designs

Available in 2 sizes: for large 130 x 180 mm (5" x 7") and small 100 x 100 mm (4" x 4") hoops.

Large Hoop:

Size: 128mm x 125mm (5.12" x 5")
Stitches: 7125
Colors: 3

Size: 120mm x 125mm (4.8" x 5")
Stitches: 6151
Colors: 4

Size: 89mm x 125mm (3.56" x 5")
Stitches: 6373
Colors: 2

Size: 109mm x 125mm (4.36" x 5")
Stitches: 9778
Colors: 2

Size: 94mm x 125mm (3.76" x 5")
Stitches: 5108
Colors: 3

Size: 81mm x 125mm (3.24" x 5")
Stitches: 3887
Colors: 3

Small Hoop:

Size: 99mm x 96mm (3.96" x 3.84")
Stitches: 5166
Colors: 3

Size: 95mm x 99mm (3.8" x 3.96")
Stitches: 4799
Colors: 4

Size: 71mm x 99mm (2.84" x 3.96")
Stitches: 4787
Colors: 2

Size: 87mm x 99mm (3.48" x 3.96")
Stitches: 7697
Colors: 2

Size: 74mm x 99mm (2.96" x 3.96")
Stitches: 3983
Colors: 3

Size: 64mm x 99mm (2.56" x 3.96")
Stitches: 2989
Colors: 3

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Applique and Floral Fruits collections. It uses the Applique technique. The designs is available for the Large hoop (5" x 7") and Small hoop (4" x 4").

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Embroidery Projects & Ideas

We embellished terry-cloth towels with these appliqué. When working with terry-cloth, use water-soluble stabilizer, and sandwich the fabric between two layers of stabilizer. When the embroidery is finished, cut away the excess stabilizer close to the embroidery. Read about how to work with this set here...

With another design from the set we made the Strawberry Field Scrap Quilted Table Runner.

The designs for a small hoop were used on this charming baby quilt. You can read about how to sew the quilt on the project page.

We used the design to make a shopping tote. You can read about how to sew the tote on the project page.

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