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Elegant Rose Table Set

Elegant Rose Table Set
Set of 2 Freestanding Lace Machine Embroidery Designs

Available in 3 sizes: for large 130 x 180 mm (5" x 7"), small 100 x 100 mm (4" x 4") and mega 160 x 260 mm (6" x 10") hoops

Small Hoop:
Size: 99 mm x 97 mm (3.89" x 3.82")
Stitches: 35546
Colors: 2
Size: 72mm x 99mm (2.83" x 3.90")
Stitches: 19094
Colors: 2

Large Hoop:
Size: 129mm x 128mm (5.16" x 5.12")
Stitches: 39197
Colors: 2
Size: 95mm x 129mm (3.8" x 5.16")
Stitches: 21350
Colors: 2

Mega Hoop:
Size: 158mm x 156mm (6.32" x 6.24")
Stitches: 51469
Colors: 2
Size: 115mm x 158mm (4.6" x 6.32")
Stitches: 28010
Colors: 2

Designs for mega hoop are available only in PES, DST, EXP and VP3 formats!

The set of all 3 sizes is available only in PES, DST, EXP and VP3 formats!

This set nicely compliments Rose Lace Bowl and Doily Set.

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Freestanding Lace collection. It uses the Freestanding Lace technique. The designs is available for the Large hoop (5" x 7") and Mega hoop (6" x 10").

SKU#: 24005
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Embroidery Projects & Ideas

Place the embroidered designs on a piece of fabric. Attach with pins.

Additional embroidery design image 1

Using a transperant thread zigzag the designs onto the fabric along the inner edges. Flip over and cut away the excess fabric as close to the zigzag as possible.

Additional embroidery design image 2

Flip back and press.

Additional embroidery design image 3

For the demonstration we used sharply contrasting colors,

Additional embroidery design image 4

but light pastel colors are more suitable.

Additional embroidery design image 5

This photo was sent in by ELizabeth Hartman from Moorpark, CA as her Best Project Contest 2007 entry. To read more about the project go to the customer's page.

Additional embroidery design image 6

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