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Step-by-Step Guide to Embroidering Bookmarks and Glasscases

Bookmarks image 1
Step One: Open our "Sunflower" file and transfer it to the memory card of your embroidery machine.
This and other similar designs you may find in our Bookmarks section.
Bookmarks image 2
Step Two: Use a hoop of size 5.2" x 7.2" (13x18 cm). Cut a piece of fabric of around 6" x 8" (15x20 cm).
Bookmarks image 3
Step Three: Cut out a rectangle of iron-on stabilizer of the same size...
Bookmarks image 4
Step Four: ...and iron it onto the back of the fabric.
Bookmarks image 5
Step Five: Hoop the fabric and stabilizer.
Bookmarks image 6
Step Six: Select the required colors, using the description in the color chart that came with the "Sunflowers".
Bookmarks image 7
Step Seven: Install the loop onto your embroidery machine and embroider each color in turn, as shown on the photograph.
Bookmarks image 8
Step Eight: At every pause, carefully take the hoop off and remove all jump stitches.
Bookmarks image 9
Step Nine: Before embroidering the final color - the frame - stretch some material across the back of the embroidery. This can be cut-away stabilizer, canvas or flannel: it depends on what you're going to use the emroidery for. A glasscase requires silkier fabric, a bookmark -- something stiffer. This hides the threads at the back of the embroidery.
Bookmarks image 10
Step Ten: Remove the finished embroidery from the machine, take it out of the hoop and cut neatly along the edge of the motif. If this is a bookmark, you are basically finished. You can add beads, ribbons and tassels for decoration, if you wish. If you are making a glasscase, repeat steps 2-10 and then continue with steps 11 and 12.
Bookmarks image 11
Step Eleven: Press the two embroideries together, back to back, and sew them together on your machine with a compact zig-zag. Make sure you sow the corners together first. Use the same color of thread as the border.
Bookmarks image 12
Step Twelve: Your glasscase is ready!

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