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FSL Crochet Pineapple Applique Set

For the doilies on this page we used the FSL Crochet Pineapple Applique machine embroidery designs. For the applique we used patterned cotton fabric and chose the flower pattern so that the flower is in the center of the circle. Depending on the flowers on your fabric you can get very different effects and some amazing results. We made two small doilies, but you can make a larger doily, or a table topper, or even a table-cloth.

You will need scraps (2"x2") of cotton fabric, water-soluble Vilene stabilizer and 50- or 60-weight cotton embroidery threads. For this project we used Signature machine quilting thread. The finished size of the first doily (with the pansies) is about 10 1/2" in diameter. The finished size of the second doily is 14 1/2" x 10".

A Test Stitch-out of the Designs

Now we are to make a test stitch-out of the parts. Before we start, please read our General Guidelines and Step-by-Step Guide to Embroidering our Crochet-Style FSL designs; this might be helpful.

Step One: To embroider one part, cut a piece of fabric measuring about 2"x2". Hoop the stabilizer. Place the fabric piece right in the center of the hoop and pin it to the stabilizer.

Step Two: Start embroidering. The machine will stitch a circle and stop.
Note: If you are embroidering the second design, the machine will embroider a semi-circle and stop.

WITHOUT taking the working piece out of the hoop, cut away the excess fabric as close to the stitch as possible. Be careful not to cut the stabilizer.

Return the hoop to the machine and finish the embroidery. It should look like this:

Step Three: Cut away the excess stabilizer and rinse the stabilizer from the embroidered pieces. To do this, place them in a bowl with warm water for about an hour. Change the water several times. Spread evenly to air dry. Pin the points of the hexagon so that they are not distorted when they dry.

Step Four: Check over the first stitch-out - if you are satisfied with it, you can proceed with your work, if you are not satisfied, you might need to change any of the following: the choice of threads, needles, fabric or the settings of the machine. Do not proceed with your work until you are satisfied with the stitch-out.

Note: The stabilizer should be washed away. Until the stabilizer is washed away you will not be able to see whether the embroidery is sewn correctly.


For this small doily you'll need 7 hexagons. When you're sure about the choice of thread, needles, fabric and the settings of the machine, embroider seven parts, but do not rinse the stabilizer!

Cut the stabilizer away, as close to the embroidery as possible. Place 6 hexagons around the one and zigzag them together. You can also stitch the parts together manually.

Do not forget to use the same thread with which you made the embroidery, both in the needle and in the bobbin. Wash away the stabilizer, spread evenly on a cloth to air dry.

For the second doily you'll need seven hexagons and six semi-hexagons. First assemble the hexagons as for the first doily, then add semi-hexagons in the corners.

We also have another project with the parts from the FSL Crochet Pineapple Applique - a blouse for a young lady. This project is for daring embroiderers only, and you can read about it here.

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