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Crochet Christmas Star Doily

These are instructions on how to embroider and assemble the FSL Crochet Christmas Star Doily.

The finished size of the doily is 18" in diameter. You will need a square of cotton fabric measuring about 13" x 13", water-soluble Vilene stabilizer and 40- or 50-weight cotton embroidery threads for the lace. For this project we used Signature machine quilting thread.

Before starting, please read the General Guidelines and Step-by-Step Guide to Embroidering our Crochet-Style FSL designs, this might be helpful.

Step One: Embroider the crochet design eight times.

Trim the stabilizer close to the designs, leaving at least 3/4" around each design. DO NOT dissolve the stabilizer yet.

Please read the Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling Crochet-Style FSL Designs into a Project first.

Step Two: Lay out the FSL patterns to make a star lace frame. Machine-stitch them together, using narrow but not very dense zigzag. Use the SAME thread with which you embroidered the lace.

Step Three: Place the lace frame over the fabric square. Secure with pins. Using short and very dense zigzag (satin stitch), stitch the lace star frame to the fabric. Use the SAME thread with which you embroidered the lace.
Cut away the excess fabric from under the lace.

Step Four: You can now go ahead and dissolve the water-soluble stabilizer. Place the doily into a bowl of warm water; change the water several times. So that the doily dries evenly, spread it on a flat surface and let it air dry. Then iron with steam.

The doily is ready. Enjoy!

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