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Star Cushions

These star-shaped cushions are an extremely easy and quick project. We made them in two sizes: a larger one that can be used by a child or placed on a couch, and smaller ones that can be hung on a Christmas tree or around the home. Both are made exactly the same way except for a difference in proportions.

Star Cushions image 1

The embroidery design used on the larger cushion is Santa's Pet .

Star Cushions image 2

The small cushions are embellished with the designs from the Christmas Miniatures Set I and Christmas Miniatures Set II.

Star Cushions image 3

You will need either wool or polyester felt of different colors, pieces of trim or ribbons, stuffing, embroidery threads, and light-weight cut-away stabilizer.

Note: you can use any fabric for the project. However felt is very easy to work with and we recommend it.


For a large cushion cut 10 squares measuring 8" x 8".
For each small cushion cut 10 squares measuring 3" x 3".


Hoop light-colored felt stabilized with light-weight cut-away stabilizer. Embroider the designs you like.


Take 5 squares.

Star Cushions image 4

Place 2 pairs together, align the sides. Sew one side with seam allowance 1/4".

Star Cushions image 5


Star Cushions image 6

Position the remaining square over one of the paired squares. Align the edges and pin.
Stitch 1/4" from the pinned edge.

Star Cushions image 7


Star Cushions image 8

Take the piece by the first and third squares and unfold them in a straight line, as in the picture below.

Star Cushions image 9

Cover with the second unfolded pair. Align the long edge. Pin. Straight-stitch 1/4" from the edge.

Star Cushions image 10

Unfold. You will get one half of the cushion. In the same way, sew the second panel.

Star Cushions image 11

Take your embroidery and position it over the center of one of the panels. Baste-stitch it to the panel making sure that there are no large pleats on the panel.

Star Cushions image 12

Machine-stitch the embroidery in place following the outline of the design. We used the free-motion foot on our machine for this purpose.

Star Cushions image 13

With a pair of fancy-edged scissors, cut away the excess felt close to the embroidery.
Cut a piece of trim, fold it in a loop, and pin the ends of the loop to the upper ray of the star.

Star Cushions image 14

Cover with the second panel. Align and pin all edges. Machine stitch 1/4" from the edge. Leave one side of the last square open.

Star Cushions image 15

Turn the cushion right side out through the opening. Stuff with stuffing. Hand-stitch the opening closed.

Star Cushions image 16

Star Cushions image 17

Star Cushions image 18

Star Cushions image 19

The cushions are ready. Enjoy!

Happy Stitching!

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