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Christmas Miniatures Set I (Now 35% Off!)

Christmas Miniatures Set I
Machine Embroidery Cross Stitch Set of 12 Designs

Size: 88mm x 86mm (3.52" x 3.44")
Stitches: 14719
Colors: 10

Size: 98mm x 91mm (3.92" x 3.64")
Stitches: 16705
Colors: 12

Size: 57mm x 56mm (2.28" x 2.24")
Stitches: 7147
Colors: 11

Size: 54mm x 84mm (2.16" x 3.36")
Stitches: 9622
Colors: 15

Size: 60mm x 74mm (2.4" x 2.96")
Stitches: 10286
Colors: 10

Size: 66mm x 76mm (2.64" x 3.04")
Stitches: 10562
Colors: 10

Size: 86mm x 82mm (3.44" x 3.28")
Stitches: 17415
Colors: 12

Size: 72mm x 64mm (2.88" x 2.56")
Stitches: 10570
Colors: 12

Size: 76mm x 58mm (3.04" x 2.32")
Stitches: 9612
Colors: 8

Size: 74mm x 68mm (2.96" x 2.72")
Stitches: 15216
Colors: 10

Size: 56mm x 98mm (2.24" x 3.92")
Stitches: 14267
Colors: 12

Size: 71mm x 91mm (2.84" x 3.64")
Stitches: 12479
Colors: 6

This set of machine embroidery designs is part of our Christmas collection. It uses the Cross Stitch technique. The designs will fit the Small hoop (4" x 4").

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Embroidery Projects & Ideas

We used the miniatures in making this Christmas Wall Hanging.
We used the design on our Christmas Window wall quilt. Read more...
Some of the designs are used on star cushion. You can read about how to sew them on the project page.

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