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Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater

Cutwork lace designs are very popular to use on clothes. In this project we show how to turn a simple knit sweater into a unique and elegant top.

We embroidered the Wild Rose Cutwork Lace design on a light knit sweater.

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 1

You will need water soluble mesh stabilizer and polyester embroidery threads. You can read about how to embroider the Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on the instructions page.

When you embroider on knits or jersey fabric (T-shirts, light sweaters) you need additional light-weight cut-away stabilizer under the fabric. We recommend such stabilizers as Soft 'n Sheer, or Soft 'n Sheer Extra by Sulky, No Show Nylon Mesh or Diamond Mesh by Floriani, No Show Fusible or Iron-on Fusible by Marathon and similar stabilizers by other companies.

Whichever brand you use, we recommend iron-on or fusible stabilizer. It forms one layer with the fabric, which makes it easier to do the cutwork. If your stabilizer does not have an adhesive surface, use a temporary fabric adhesive.

Our sweater is embroidered on Soft 'n Sheer Extra by Sulky. We highly recommend that you make a test stitch of the design on an old T-shirt, or a piece of knit fabric before you start embroidering on a new T-shirt or sweater.

Freestanding Flower

The 3D flower is optional. If you don't want to add it, skip ahead.

For the freestanding flower you can use organza, organdy or any other fine fabric. It doesn't have to be sheer, but we think sheer fabrics look best.

Hoop organza with a layer of water soluble mesh. Embroider the files with petals.
Cut out the petals. Wash away the stabilizer. Place the two sets of petals one over another.

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 2

Cutwork Insert

Step One: Print out a screenshot of the design. With its help choose the position of the embroidery on your garment.

Stabilize this portion of your garment with light-weight iron-on cut-away or tear-away stabilizer. If you do not have an iron-on stabilizer, use a temporary fabric adhesive.

Cut a piece of water-soluble mesh large enough to be hooped. Place the piece over the lower frame of the hoop. Place the stabilized garment over the watersoluble mesh. Hoop. Tighten the frame. The fabric and stabilizers should be tight, without any creases, but the knit fabric should not be distorted.

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 3

Step Two: Upload the design into your machine. Start the machine and embroider the outline of the the whole design, stems and flowers.

Take the hoop from the machine. With a pair of sharp scissors cut away the knit fabric together with the cut-away stabilizer between the leaves, stems and the flower outline. Leave the water-soluble stabilizer intact!

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 4

Step Three: Embroider the the next color, which is the "bridges". The next color after that finishes the raw edges of the design. You can embroider these two in one color or choose different ones.

Step Four: If you want to add a 3D flower, pin the petals, as shown to the upper flower of the design and start the machine.

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 5

The machine will embroider the center of the flower and fix the petals in place.
Repeat for the lower flower.

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 6

Cut away the excess water soluble stabilizer. Cut away the cut-away stabilizer as close to the stitches as possble.

Wash away the water soluble stabilizer. Neatly spread the garment on a flat surface and leave to air dry. Press with warm iron if needed.

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 7

Wild Rose Cutwork Lace on a Knit Sweater image 8

Happy Embroidering!

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