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Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover

With machine embroidery, it's easy to add a few accents to a basic sweatshirt that will transform it into a unique fashion piece.

We used a leaf design from the Autumn Leaf Set I for the small hoop (4" x 4").

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 1

You will need

  • a sweatshirt,
  • light-weight cut-away stabilizer,
  • silk cord (2-3 mm), or soutage cord of autumn colors, or any other suitable trims (optional).


Press the sweatshirt.

On your computer, open the design you're going to embroider in your embroidery software. Print out a template of the design and cut it out. If you would like to embroider several instances of the design, make as many templates as you need.

If you do not have embroidery software, you can make an approximate template by cutting out a rectangle measuring 3 1/2" x 2 5/8". Make as many of these rectangles as you need.

Using the paper templates, choose the position of the embroidery on the sweatshirt. Play around with the templates until you like the layout. Our arrangement is just a suggestion.

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 2


VERY IMPORTANT: Please note that it's very importrant that the machine stands on a large table and the sweatshirt does not hang down, but is supported by the table. Otherwise, the weight of the sweatshirt will pull the hoop of your machine out of position and ruin the embroidery. You can even damage the carriage of your machine.

Upload the embroidery file to your embroidery machine. The leaves from the Autumn Leaf Set can be embroidered in different ways. You can read about some of the possibilities on the instructions page.

Here is another idea:

Stabilize the fabric of the sweatshirt with light-weight cut away stabilizer. Hoop the place where the design should be embroidered.

Open the design in your machine. With the move button, move the design off center about 1/4" down and to the right right.

Embroider the first color. After the machine stops, return the design to its central position. Embroider the second and the third colors. This will give the leaf an interesting "shadow" effect.

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 3

Embroider the leaf as many times as you need and using whatever colors and variations you like.

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 4

This is what our sweatshirt looks after we embroidered 4 leaves.

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 5

Further Embellishment (optional)

If you're feeling especially creative, you can add some trim on the left side of the sweatshirt to counter-balance the leaves on the right side.

We used silk cord and soutage cord in orange, light brown and beige colors.

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 6

We positioned the cords in waves from the shoulder to the edge of the rib and then sewed them on with a zig-zag stitch.

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 7

Your Fall-themed sweatshirt is done. Enjoy!

Autumn-Themed Sweatshirt Makeover image 8

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