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Fruit Basket Greeting Card

Here is another idea on how to use Battenberg lace motifs for greeting cards. This method is a little bit more complicated than the one described in Greeting Cards with Battenberg Lace Motifs. However, the result is a more elegant card in which the beauty of the lace is emphasized.

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 1

For these cards we used the Battenberg Apple Basket Lace and Battenberg Fruit Basket Lace. These cards are great for the Fall season holidays.

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 2

Step One: Embroider the motif, following the directions on how to embroider Battenberg lace.

Step Two: Place the finished motif on a card. Using a sewing needle or the needle end of a compass, punch the card through the openings in the lace. Make punches in the center of the handle and along the edge of the basket, about 1/4" from the edge.

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 3

Step Three: With a pencil, join the holes that you punched.

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 4

Step Four: Using a craft knife, cut out the shape inside the outline.

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 5

Step Five: Place some glue along the edges of the shape.

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 6

Step Six: Place the embroidered motif over the glue. Press. Place under a press for some time until the glue dries.

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 7

Your greeting card is ready!

Fruit Basket Greeting Card image 8

We hope that you liked our idea and will come up with many of your own.

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